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Market leading functionality and performance

Surgical placement - high primary stability
One of the core competencies within Neoss® is the know-how of combining implant design, surface characteristics, and drill protocols to achieve high primary stability in all bone qualities. This allows for secure and predictable implant placement in challenging indications ranging from immediate loading (in combination with grafting procedures) to the treatment of patients with risk factors.

Biologic response - high secondary stability
The Neoss ProActive® surface is designed to reduce marginal bone loss1 and optimize stability and osseointegration. The Neoss ProActive® surface has demonstrated faster and stronger osseointegration (when compared to blasted surfaces).2

Long-term function
The clinical performance of the Neoss® implant system is well documented with warranty data collected for more than 10 years that demonstrates less than one fractured implant per 10,000.3 NeoLoc®, the unique Neoss® implant to abutment connection, featuring an interference fit, provides an outstanding implant pillar with a high clamping force that resists micro movement and long-term fatigue.4

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