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Chuck season 2 episode 3 review

The pursuit of the microchip takes Chuck and assorted spies to a train station where it’s to be exchanged for $4.5 million. Except the exchange goes predictably awry, and then the Fulcrum assassin arrives to complete the mess. As the story unwinds it’s proven to Sarah that Bryce is right about her feelings, and that Chuck isn’t remotely close to being a real spy. It’s a reality check all round.

We return to the Buy More for the end of a threaded story about Morgan’s inability to handle some bullies from a sporting goods store called the ‘Mighty Jocks’. In it, Anna demonstrates her unique ability to use a photography tripod as martial arts weapon, and saves the day. This is by far the funniest scene this episode, and shows that although they don’t overplay their Buy More hand, it’s always sporting aces when it arrives.

Chuck and Sarah have an issue that’s not easily fixed. Amazingly it’s Chuck that’s prepared to admit his feelings, in the impossibility of their relationship. In a role reversal Sarah now becomes the fake in their relationship for the first time. All good comedies need a little sadness now and again, so this works pretty well and keeps things moving along nicely.

In a final twist Bryce gives Chuck some sunglasses with the chip they retrieved in them, and they update the ‘intersect’ in his brain. Chuck is now the latest version, but what the implications of that are isn’t explored.

This is the best episode so far this year, as creatively the show is climbing the gears. Sadly the viewing audiences are heading in the opposite direction, I’m told, which makes no sense.

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