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Departure 8 november - Focus france

Nearly 20 TV channels in France will cover the day of 08 November:

  • 13 channels will broadcast all or part of the live departure
  • 7 channels will cover the event through other forms of programming (news coverage, short programmes, etc.).

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The channels below will also broadcast images of the Departure through news items or dedicated short programmes:


(news subjects)

TV5 Monde

(news subjects + short programme)

RMC Découverte

(short programme)

Sport en France

(short programme)


(news subjects)


(news subjects)


(news subjects)

Monaco Info

(news subjects)

Departure 8 november - International focus

In addition to the French channels mentioned above, a minimum of 30 international TV channels/digital platforms (Vs 23 in 2016) will broadcast all or part of the departure live:




ON Sport

Sub-Saharan Africa


(52 territories)



France 24

(190 territories)

Olympic Channel

(190 territories)

Edge Sport

(26 territories)

Nautical Channel

(42 territories)

* Channels with live feeds for live or delayed coverage in news bulletins

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