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David the Student faces racism at work in the US

David the Student remained quiet while recording the entire incident.

"For me, I was just thinking, get what exactly happened as they are going to flip this thing on me and make it look like I attacked them," he says.

The video also shows the white man’s wife threatening to have David fired from the taxi company.

After the video went viral, the white man has since been banned from ever using Lyft taxis, got fired from his job and was banned from going to the hotel which he was picked from.

The white man has since apologised to David the Student, "I should have never said the things I said nor acted like a complete idiot. He didn’t deserve that. Nobody does," he said.

"I had too much to drink and lost control of my tongue and I said horrible things that I truly regret. Watching the video was hard for me, it was if I didn’t recognise the person.

"I let myself down, I let my friends and family down, I let my company down, I let our whole country down. I ask for forgiveness and mercy from literally everyone, especially David the driver, the Lyft community, my family and friends and our community."

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