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Hime Kyun Fruit Can

Hime Kyun Fruit Can (ひめキュンフルーツ缶) is an idol group. They were formed in 2010 as a local idol group based in Ehime. The original members were seven full members and seven Kenshuusei, called Hinakyun (ひなキュン). The original line-up graduated from the group in October 2017, and the group restarted with new members in November.

They have also released music under the name Barikyun!! (バリキュン!!).


Current Members

Former Members

  • Hasebe Moeka (長谷部萌香) (Original Member, Graduated November 2011)
  • Abe Ayumi (阿部愛友実) (Original Member, Withdrew March 2012)
  • Watanabe Emina (渡部恵美奈) (Original Member, Withdrew March 2012)
  • Kono Honoka (河野穂乃花) (Original Member, Graduated June 2017)
  • Okumura Mayuri (奥村真友里) (Original Member, Graduated October 2017)
  • Okamoto Mai (岡本真依) (Original Member, Graduated October 2017) - Center
  • Tanio Sakurako (谷尾桜子) (Original Member, Graduated October 2017) - Leader
  • Kikuhara Yuria (菊原結里亜) (Original Member, Graduated October 2017)
  • Shinyama Misa (新山美沙) (Joined August 2018, Fired November 2018)
  • Miyazaki Mao (宮崎愛央) (Joined November 2017, Left December 2018)
  • Nagao Mana (長尾茉南) (Joined November 2017, Graduated March 2019)
  • Tomochika Yuma (友近由麻) (Joined December 2017, Graduated February 2020)
  • Nakano Kyoka (中野京香) (Hiatus) (Joined November 2017)
  • Miyamoto Kurena (宮本紅) (Joined August 2018, graduated May 2020)
  • Nakamura Momoka (中村百花) (Joined November 2017, Fired November 2020)

Former Kenshuusei



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