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Brian Perry

"Hands-on" investment experience across fixed income sectors; significant experience with financial planning, tax planning, asset allocation, macroeconomic and geopolitical analysis, and all aspects of portfolio management.

Extensive client facing and communications experience with both institutional and individual clients. Writing includes numerous articles, blogs, white papers, and two books. Speaking includes keynote addresses at various conferences, television and radio appearances, board presentations to institutional clients, college-level courses, and educational seminars.

Educational background includes CFA charter, MBA in intl. business, master's in intl. affairs, and additional graduate studies in the international political economy of emerging markets.

Interests include big picture thematic research, global geopolitical analysis, simplifying complex topics for public audiences, and robust intellectual debates.

Brian received his bachelor's in finance from Villanova University, his MBA in international business from National University and his master's in international affairs from Tufts University. 

"Money isn't everything, but not having to worry about money can free people up to focus on what matters in life. And since finance can be an intimidating subject, I like to make it accessible, and even entertaining wherever possible."

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