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Mark your calendars for July 30, 2016 for South Bend's FIRST Maker Faire!  Contact us for more information

What makes a Maker Faire special?

It's a celebration of

Form and Function

. Tech is often very functional, but form is what makes us want to interact with it because it is appealing and beautiful.

You see this with the engineering in cars on the inside and the form and beauty on the outside. We will soon be printing our shoes to match a scan of our feet but we would also like them to look nice on the outside.


Function Makers

are the engineers and programmers. The

Form Makers

are the artists that bring us beauty. Maker Faires have both and hopefully teach people to join the two for products we enjoy using.

Apple is one of the most well known examples for making tech sleek and beautiful. 

Steampunk is also an area where tech and art have been combined.

Maker Faires celebrate ALL Makers

. We hope you will find fun and inspiration from all our Makers. Enjoy!

Suzan Kesim

Founding Organizer and Co-Chair for the

South Bend Maker Faire 2016
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