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About podcasts on Google

This guide shows you how Google exposes podcasts to Google users, and how to get your own podcast on Google.

Where will Google show my podcast?

Google can expose your podcast to listeners through many different Google Podcasts platforms, including:

When you've followed the steps below correctly, your podcast can appear in any of the products listed above. In some languages, Google can understand the audio content and match listener queries in languages other than the podcast language.

Here's an example of how episodes for your podcast might appear in Google Search results on desktop:

Podcast episodes can be browsed and played in Google Search, among many other Google Podcasts platforms


Additional Google podcast platforms

There are a few additional podcasting platforms on Google with different requirements. If you want your audio content to appear on any of the following platforms, you must follow the linked instructions.

  • Google news briefings - Prearranged news playlists based on general topic or provider; available in many locales.
  • Your News Update - An on-demand news playlist customized for each user; not available in all areas.

Next steps

Ready to get your podcast on Google?

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